Our Mission

The mission at Red Sea Films is to produce high quality, breakthrough video content with imagination, innovation and ingenuity.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, Red Sea Films is an independent digital media production company based in India. The company has since been making creative, meaningful and high impact content such as music videos, commercials and short films with quality as a virtue and standard for a global appeal.

This is the story of Anand and Sheen, the founders of Red Sea Films.

Ever since Anand and Sheen were married in 2013, they’ve always dreamt of building something meaningful together. They moved from India to the US the following year to set up the media department for Shake the Nations Ministries in Apopka, FL. At the time they were also helping a few small businesses with branding, web design and promotional videos. A couple of years later, while still based in Florida, they joined Awakening to God Ministries in Malibu, CA. Inspired by the culture and the vibrancy of the city of Orlando, and on interacting with local talent, they envisioned a vocation to create short films for musicians in the area.

August 15th, 2017 was just another day at the “office”, at the Whole Foods Market in Altamonte Springs, FL. They loved operating from there because of the wide open working space and well, who could resist those frequently offered free samples. Anand was suddenly reminded of the short films idea and considered producing them under the banner of a media company. He then started doodling logo concepts on Photoshop. And just like that, he recalled a dramatic historical incident – the scene of the Isrealites on the shores of the Red Sea as the waters parted – wondering what it would have been like to capture that epic event on film as it happened. Red Sea Films’ logo (designed in under 20 minutes) is a pause icon depicting the water walls and the passageway. It is meant to represent the creation of such incredible moments through the avenues of films, music and arts. They immediately purchased the domain and that was the birth of Red Sea Films.

Time went on and life went by, and no short films were produced. But they still had this name on their hearts and minds. A few months later they planned what was meant to be a short visit to India which turned out to be the start of an unexpected adventure.

On arriving in India in June of 2018, they began reconnecting and meeting with old friends. During these interactions, they learned that a couple of their friends (John Erry and Sam Alex) had some song ideas and were in the process of production. Anand and Sheen offered to produce music videos for the songs, to support the artists, while also building Red Sea Films’ portfolio.

With a passion to pursue excellence and produce high-quality content, they spared no effort to create the first two music videos. These went viral and reached millions of people in India and internationally. This collaboration inspired a number of songwriters, musicians and producers to create content with excellence, the kind that makes a difference. Apart from the widespread reach, Red Sea Films also spawned a shift in how Christian music and videos were made and published in India.

Beyond the viewership, likes and subscriptions, Anand and Sheen are driven by the countless messages from people who find hope and healing through what they do. The next big step for Red Sea Films was when they released “The India Blessing” in August of 2020. This was a one-of-a-kind project that featured some of the leading Christian artists who had a mission to bless India during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to music videos, the team is also currently working on various visual projects which will be announced in due course. Red Sea Films continues to seek new and passionate artists to provide them with the platform and the opportunities to excel so they can establish themselves to serve others.

Anand has been involved in Music, Media and Arts since 2004, and has traveled extensively with his band The Sounds of the Nations.

Sheen is a Registered Nurse with an MBA in Marketing & HR. Albeit an interesting academic transition, it all worked out for the better, as it always does.